What's the latest?

At their meeting of May 14th, the City Council certified the EIR and adopted the updated General Plan. The adopted General Plan, Draft EIR, and Final EIR are available in the document library

Thanks to everyone in the Ceres community who participated in the process and helped to make it a success!

Planning Area

​​The General Plan update will address the City of Ceres and the area immediately surrounding the city limits. More specifically, the Planning Area is roughly bounded by the Tuolumne River on the north, Carpenter Road on the west, Grayson Road on the south, and Washington Road on the east.



Welcome to the City of Ceres ​General Plan update website!

The City of Ceres just completed a process to update its General Plan for the first time in 20 years, setting a vision and creating policies for the future of the city.

This website provides information on the General Plan update process including the purpose and timeline, updates during the process, helpful resources, and all documents produced over the course of the project. Please explore this website and review the adopted General Plan.

This website will remain live through November 2018, at which point all information will be made available at the City's website at www.ci.ceres.ca.us.

Project Status

​​The Ceres General Plan update is anticipated to be completed by late 2017 and consists of eight main tasks. Here is the project status for each task:​


1. Project Initiation

This phase includes clarifying the project objectives and schedule.


2. Issue Identification and Visioning

At this phase, we begin the outreach process with stakeholder interviews, a City-wide newsletter, a mail-in survey, and a community workshop to better understand the community’s key issues, priorities, and goals.


3. Existing Conditions, Opportunities, and Challenges

This phase consists of technical research into land use, socioeconomic trends, environmental constraints, infrastructure and other ​topics in and near Ceres that will inform the General Plan update. 


4. Alternatives and Evaluation

We’ll develop up to three alternative scenarios for future development to be evaluated by you, others in the community, the Planning Commission, and City Council. We’ll have another community workshop during this phase, and you can always submit feedback on-line.


5. Preferred Plan and Policy Framework

Based on feedback from the three alternative scenarios, we’ll draft a “Preferred Plan” with land use and circulation and begin to identify policy initiatives to implement it. We’ll host a third community workshop to explain and receive feedback on the Preferred Plan.



6. Draft General Plan

Based on feedback, we’ll flesh out the Preferred Plan into a full General Plan with all of the required components, including a Land Use and Community Design Element, a Transportation Element, and more.


7. Draft Environmental Impact Report

The Environmental Impact Report (EIR) will fully assess and make public the environmental impacts of the General Plan. 


8. Community Review and Adoption

You and your fellow community members will have time to review the General Plan and its Environmental Impact Report, and Planning Commission and City Council members will consider adoption of the new plan in a series of hearings.